Courses are fun and informative!

Some words from our clients:

Catherine is a real performer and so comfortable in front of a crowd she really woke us all up!”
“I loved it, she’s so funny but so informative too, I’ve learnt lots to take away with me”
“She delivered her talk in such a logical manner for easy understanding, I am definitely going to book her to come and see my horse”
“She made it so interactive and fun and I think answered everyone’s questions too”
“We were made to feel an actual part of the show rather than just observers or listeners, so we learnt a lot more that way

Horse & Rider Courses 

Massage Your Horse at Home – Level 1

This course allows owners to gain a deeper understanding of their horse’s wellbeing, in mind and body and to increase their connection partnership.   It teaches owners Mindful Touch massage techniques used by Catherine so that owners are able to learn and use these on their horses at home.

The objective of this course is to gain a deeper understanding of your horses’ wellbeing, in mind and body and to increase your connection in partnership.

The course includes:

  • Surface Anatomy
  • Posture V Confirmation
  • The difference between massage at home and sports specific massage
  • The Mindful Touch explained
  • Massage techniques, when, why, how.
  • When not to massage and more.

This course can be delivered over a 6 week period or delivered over one full day.  
To book you will require minimum of 4 and maximum 6 people in attendance.
The course can take place at your own yard (2/3 horses will be required) or alternatively at The Little Yard on The Hill, Sudbury, Suffolk.

What you get:

  • 2.5/3hrs class room based x 2.5/3hrs practical hands (Total course 5/6hrs)
  • Refreshments provided by venue
  • Course work book  
  • Certificate & ongoing after with private Facebook group & unlimited to emails personally to Catherine & 5% off all further treatments for you and your horses
  • Disclaimer
  • Must have at minimum BHS gold accident insurance certificate or similar to attend 

To find out more information please email or call on

“I just loved this course! 
I went along to the day course not knowing much about Catherine and her work but she came highly recommended. I left feeling I had learnt new skills and gained new friends.
I joined a small group of like-minded people who wanted to learn more about how massage could help their horses and be able to offer massage for comfort and maintenance to their equines. Catherine is very approachable and full of expertise and knowledge. First, she took us thorough the theory and then we are able to put into practise the techniques she had introduced us to. Taking it in turns, she gave us plenty of 1:1 technical advice, welcoming questions along the way. We were encouraged to raise questions both in general and about our own horses as we learned.  We came away with a booklet to help us remember our newly acquired tools and assured of on-going support from our expert Catherine.
I have since enjoyed the bond created by using my new-found massage skills with my horse, feeling confident as I do so that I am doing the right thing. I genuinely feel it has benefitted us both – him for the massage and both of us for the relaxing time together it is continuing to reinforce.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone to attend this course and enjoy the benefits of both a lovely day with new friends and the new skills it gives you for you and your horse.”

Sally Watson
23 March 2019

No of people 8 maximum.
1 horse for will be required for every 2nd person. 

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Catherine uses her confidence to build a fun interactive atmosphere full of knowledge bombs where attendees often have light bulb moments of clarification and the talks incorporate the audience’s participation as well as can use a horse / horses for further interaction and information to the talks.

We can make this a fun day or provide a one hour lecture.  The lecture is developed to meet your needs and for a demo we need usually just one horse.

We have delivered lectures and demonstrations that are a condensed version of The Learn To Massage Your Horse At Home course, which then leads on nicely to attendees booking the actual course at your venue.

Catherine has also delivered lectures on The Mindful Touch. These are very interactive, and great fun, and have always come in nicely at the end of long days of lectures to lighten every ones spirits. Catherine is a real crowd pleaser and knows how to work them to their own advantage of fun, open minded learning to take home to their own horses and yards.

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An open day at a newly opened stunt riding / rehab yard in Lincolnshire, Catherine uses the yard owner to explain how to break / enter boundarys with upset, angry or confused / abused horses.

Do get in touch if your equestrian facility would like to know more of what we can deliver and what your attendees can take away from the sessions.