A series of 6 sessions can get a discounted rate.

Sports Massage

This incorporates over 15 years of adapting and increasing Mindful Touch techniques.  Catherine aims to maintain and/or increase and improve athletic status.   Massage can increase body awareness, flexibility and suppleness, functionality, massage can also improve muscle tone and can warm up, cool down and help muscles recover quicker.

Please contact Catherine initially by phone or email for a discussion to explain your needs and any problems that you have encountered and the type of treatment or course of treatment which you would like to have provided. Please give yourself enough time for an in-depth telephone conversation of around 30 minutes.

We will insist to ask / gain veterinary compliance after telephone consultation and before your initial assessment booking is confirmed

Tel No: Mobile 07522 789 801
Email Address: [email protected]

Once we have had a discussion we will book a pre-consultation meeting at a time to best suit you.   Please during the initial consultation, allow 20 minutes of talk time when confirming your pre-consultation time.  
A consultation takes ………………

The Initial Assessment

We can arrange to meet with your horse/s at your own yard or alternative at mine which is based in Sudbury, Suffolk. The first massage will be a postural and relaxation massage which will give me a sound foundation to begin a working relationship with you and your horse. The initial assessment and postural work set the building blocks for successful massage therapy. Muscles tell their own story and provide an image of the horse’s system as a whole –  the skin, being the largest organ of the body yet also neurological, cells, organs, systems all need to be assessed and addressed. It is important that the whole horse relaxes into each of the sessions so the quieter the sessions are, the better. It is best to save questions to the end of each session so I can fully engage with the horse.

Catherine only works in sync with the soft tissues and with little or no dynamic joint manipulation. When stretching she makes a conscious effort not to stretch a singular joint directly however she may want to look at developmental stretches and strengthening whilst suppling particular areas. She also will guide you with specific stretches and exercises to help you inbetween sessions.


What we are looking for and trying to solve may be down to a range of issues; tight and tense in work so that training is not advancing; finding lateral work difficult; nappy – rears, trips, cold backed – if we find the cause then we can develop a solution.   

It is a team effort and may well include your vet, Catherine as the physio, the owner if you are a trainer or trainer/rider, groom and an extended team depending upon the discipline and circumstances.

Follow up and After Care

Physio type therapy is generally not a one off and requires a programme of continued care. Occasionally Catherine visits a horse and can hit the spot that resets and changes everything in that one session, yet usually if there are any issues of almost any kind the cause needs to be identified. Catherine may be able to remove the problem but the cause may need to be tackled separately, this may mean continued check ups, this means Catherine prefers to be working with you as an integral part of your regime on a regular basis to keep every thing functioning as efficiently as possible before any problems arise or before the body falls back into old dysfunctional patterns.

In a first instance a horse may need weekly/fortnightly sessions for an agreed period of time with regular feedback, videos pictures being sent to me via WhatsApp or the closed FB group (or other media to be agreed).

Horses that are in regular work are often guided to have regular maintenance sessions and should ideally be seen every 6 to 12 weeks. Additionally, horses that are in consistent work should have regular saddle checks as saddle fit can drastically affect performance.

If following treatment, there is no improvement after the 4th/5th session then we will discuss the way forward – this may be a need to change the rehab programme or a referral back to your vet for further diagnosis.

All clear after treatment

If you get the all clear after treatment you will get 1 session at half price.