Fitness, flexibility, body functionality, locomotion, soft tissue, skeletal structure and any thing to do with the body and movement has always fascinated me, i would sit and watch gymnastics, swimming, running and of course many equestrian disciplines, just to watch the way the bodies moved, and what i came to believe was that the BODY WAS BORN TO MOVE, it likes to move, and even more so in the horse, if the body isnt moving, cant move efficiently it has an overall effect on the whole being, mind and spirit.

What is it that gives us life, what is it that makes one animals eye look different to another, can you see the soul, the life force, can you begin to imagine how you can make a difference to a soul, a mind and a body, just through the power of touch, of exercise, and of releasing tension, removing pain, and allowing via the suppleness one can supply as a masseuse to then allowing the being to grow their own strength and power because of the love of movement and being able to reach ones pinnacle of health, fitness, competition, status, ability… it is a wonderful, and massage and movement i see are my art.

Flexibility, i feel is an under rated component of any fitness.  I am not talking contortion, im talking optimum joint range, within the given anatomical planes of each given person, im talking tendons and ligaments im talking muscles and im talking joint health.  To be strong, i believe we need to be supple for the longevity of ‘sound & healthy tissue’ in horse and human.

Of course for riders, we all think ‘balance’, ‘core strength’ gaining a strong ‘seat’, all of these components are major players in my fitness plans for the rider, but i think most are possibly surprised on how much i focus on posture and posture strength firstly.  Once the posture can gain a good alignment and once we have a degree of suppleness in major and minor muscles, only then do we as a group or one to one get to work on strength, power, agility, stamina and endurance and cardio fitness.

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