Catherine has many people who visit her for Sports Massage. These include many professional riders and many people who don’t ride but as with most live, fast paced, stressful lives. 

For everyone, regular massage provides relaxation, improving circulation and allowing muscles to relax. It also promotes and helps mood so promoting well-being, alleviating stress and encouraging good mental health. It relieves tension and anxiety and helps promote relaxation through the body as a whole.  

If you do ride on a continual and regular basis, muscles in the body are put under a lot of strain. The quadriceps and hamstrings are two major muscles which are used a lot in equestrian sport. These muscles can become overworked during horse riding and riders can find themselves locking up so causing a lack of inflexibility and pain. Sports massage helps bring oxygenated blood to the tissues and muscles so improving exercise performance and the function of the muscles.

Massage Treatments

  • Sports massage
  • Remedial massage
  • Deep tissue
  • Rehabilitation support
  • GP referral – working with other health care professionals for pre post and mid exertion, to improve recovery and to maintain athletic status. 

Rider fitness, private, or small groups, focuses on the body awareness and posture, rider balance and suppleness, strength and power come later once core and limb dependence has been mastered.