Back in the Saddle Offers the following services:

We also provide services that educate and give you the tools to help maintain your own horses on a weekly or even daily basis. Catherine frequently provides classes and lectures and will hold demos for livery yards, riding clubs and any other organisations who wish to learn more about massage, its benefits, how when and why and will then have access to Catherine’s private Facebook group as well as ongoing support and discounts on future services.

Catherine may request that owners ride and may also ask client to also attend for their own treatment.

(Many clients travel well over an hour to regularly take advantage of Catherine’s therapies for themselves and their horses).

Travel Costs

Catherine will travel a maximum of two hours for a minimum of four horses with travel costs over 20 miles being requested to be covered at 55p per mile.  This makes it fair, so all horses share travel costs and for clinics/demos etc. Please contact us to arrange overnight/accommodation detail if required. For 5 or more horses Catherine will stay over willingly.