Rider Fitness

I totally loved the course, the first session was a real eye opener to how I am sitting as to how I could be sitting so much better, so the posture was a real challenge to me.It’s not a class where you get out of breath or wear yourself out, but you do feel totally challenged.By week 6 I felt so much stringer and balanced and aware and had so much more stamina.My instructor knew something had changed so now she’s looking at booking on a course too.

I thought I was quite fit and especially rider fit but I wanted to just have a little bit more when I’m jumping so thought I’d give it a go, I booked on the 6 week course with 3 friends and we were totally amazed at how hard the simplest of things were. It was also really nice that we had ‘homework’ to do in-between, and we couldn’t move on to the next more challenging moves and exercises until we had control of the other exercises first. It was a real eye opener for me to see how I use my body, yet how inefficient I was actually being and now I can be more precise I really think my riding has come on much more.  I’m looking forward to the next level course Cat delivers to us.

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