Massage Course

I just loved this course!

I went along to the day course not knowing much about Catherine and her work but she came with highly recommended. I left feeling I had leant new skills and gained new friends.

I joined a small group of like-minded people who wanted to learn more about how massage could help their horses and be able to offer massage for comfort and maintenance to their equines. Catherine is very approachable and full of expertise
and knowledge. First she took us thorough the theory and then we are able to put
into practise the techniques she had introduced us to.

Taking it in turns, she gave us plenty of 1:1 technical advice, welcoming questions along the way. We were encouraged to raise questions both in general and about our own horses as we learned. We came away with a booklet to help us remember our newly acquired tools and assured of on-going support from our expert Catherine.

I have since enjoyed the bond created by using my new-found massage skills with my horse, feeling confident as I do so that I am doing the right thing. I genuinely feel it has benefitted us both – him for the massage and both of us for the relaxing time together it is continuing to reinforce.I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone to attend this course and enjoy the benefits of both a lovely day with new friends and the new skills it gives you for you and your horse.

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