Sincerest thank you’s horsey friends for taking the time to check out the first post on the spangly new website.

I was told, dont do a blog, people dont blog any more, you need to be an exceptional writer, well educated and highly intelligent, focused on trending topics to blog…. well, as always, i didnt take being told what to do very well, and so am starting out, as we all have to in what ever we endeavour to do, at the beginning.

They say the first step is always the biggest, yet i believe, if you have a fire in your belly, and if you believe in your self, and trust in the process, then it will likely be fun, and there for a success of some sort.

Looking at the statement / paragraph above, is this not true too of us equestrians, we all have to start some where, we cant be perfect, we just have to get on with it, and we all know, once you have saddled up, and once you are on, you are there for the ride, where ever the path takes you, it is not mapped out, there is no set path, especially with our Precious Equus friends, all we can do is open and follow our hearts in the journey, support each other and find compassion for all what ever our chosen discipline or past time.

If i write daily, weekly, monthly, 3 monthly, i will inform you if you sign up and you can then feed back, share, agree, or even ignore, either way it is a real pleasure to be able to share some time and some thoughts with you guys and help you and yours Baaaaaaack in the Saddle!

With extra thanks to Pale September for helping me get a blog up and running and for all the dedication and patience for supporting the first steps of the website so i can share the intentions with those that need and want to follow us.

Yeerha, 🙂 From Catherine